Finding the right solution every time.

Regardless of the format, quantity or materials used, we have the ability to efficiently blister all of your clinical trial materials. With in-house engineering, tooling and packaging design, we can help you to reduce costs, waste and lead times. We can also design patient-friendly packs that increase compliance to dosing regimens.

High and low output lines allow for efficient small, medium or large scale processing. This gives us a holistic view of the packaging process and downstream implications of pack designs, e.g. pack size, freight costs, limiting labeling expense and automation of carding and labeling.

  • Over 20 blistering lines globally for both high and low outputs
  • Cold or Thermoform
  • Automated mixed product feeding
  • Vision detection systems
  • Lidding foil printing capabilities
  • Low humidity processing available (<15% RH)
  • Support of our inhalation services
  • Compliments 35-55% and 20-30% RH
  • Seal integrity testing

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