Drug Accountability & Reconciliation Tracking (ART™) in Clinical Trials

The drug accountability and reconciliation process in clinical trials is noted for being time-consuming and error-prone, two characteristics that result in it adding significantly to trial costs and timelines. The onerous task of reconciling discrepancies in supply records that have accumulated over the course of a clinical trial often adds as much as two years to the study closeout phase.

When a work process is viewed as a “necessary evil,” it’s time to innovate. Time to automate. Time to streamline. For the industry’s drug accountability and reconciliation procedures, that time has come.

Almac Clinical Technologies’ drug Accountability & Reconciliation Tracking (ART™) functionality within IXRS® 3 Interactive Response Technology (IRT), does away with the paper records, transcription errors, and multiple systems that lead to missing data and errors. With ART™, you reduce risk to patients, speed trial close-out and prevent the kinds of issues that lead to warning letters from regulators.

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