Drug Accountability and Reconciliation

SupplyTraQDrug Accountability and Reconciliation

SupplyTraQ is a secure, web-based drug reconciliation tool that automates accountability, reconciliation, returns and destruction tasks at the site and depot levels. By eliminating the need for paper, SupplyTraQ minimises human error, lowers the cost of supply management, and shortens the trial administration process. As an extension of the IXRS® platform, it provides a complete integration of patient and supply management events. It gives users a holistic view of the supply lifecycle facilitating a comprehensive chain of custody monitoring, auditing and troubleshooting at sites and depots

Supply Transfers

Users have the ability to quickly transfer supplies between sites, accommodating unpredictable enrollment scenarios and site supply emergencies.

Manage Returned Patient Inventory at Sites
Users can record reasons for unexpected conditions with supplies and alerts can notify monitors of discrepancies at sites as soon as they occur.

Reconcile Supplies at the Depot
Studies that require supplies to be accounted for only at the depot can optimise their workflow.

Supply Destruction
Provides the ability to destroy supplies at sites and/or depots. Sites can prepare eligible supplies and schedule them for destruction and depots can schedule shipments to be destroyed in a similar way.


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