Data Integration

Cost-effective and highly efficient strategies

Our Data Services team is dedicated to creating strategies that can accommodate your needs quickly and methodically. They have extensive experience working with all formats necessary for data transfer and integrating with central laboratory systems, Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS), Drug Supply Management Systems (DSMS), leading electronic data capture (EDC) software and other data analysis and management systems.

Through consultancy, our team works to identify relevant interactive web / voice response data to integrate with any target system. We support numerous file formats, transmission methods, and frequency needs. Custom decodes of data are also supported, to allow for reduced coding and the easier processing of data.

As partners, we take pride in finding solutions for the various challenges you may face. With our vast experience, we can also advise you on implementation practices common to your industry peers and help you implement common software technologies - improving your overall operational readiness and ease of adoption.

We are proud members of CDISC, which establishes standards for the integration of clinical trial data from all sources.

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