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Mid-study protocol changes. Regulatory audit demands. Challenging technology integrations…Sound familiar?

Today’s clinical trials are certainly more complex and demanding, and ensuring safety while saving time and money is something everyone wants.  Too often in clinical development, we get caught up in our own processes and forget that there’s other ways to approach a problem.

We know the struggles you have in the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) world and we want to help! Here at Almac Clinical Technologies, we are in a unique position to share some of the best practices we’ve seen from our wide and diverse client base.

Join Matt Lowrie, your host for each episode of the Spotlight on IRT podcast, where he will answer your questions, discuss common pain points, and talk to industry leaders to help you drive efficiencies and prevent unnecessary risks.

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Meet the host

Matt Lowrie | ASQ CQA, Quality Assurance Group Manager, Almac Clinical Technologies

When he’s not partnering with Almac clients to streamline their trial or hosting a regulatory agency inspection at Almac Clinical Technologies, you can find Matt diving into the latest regs or uncovering technology efficiencies for clinical trials. Through his 15+ years of hosting and managing regulatory agency inspections and effectively answering demands for hundreds of trials, Matt has quickly become an industry Quality Assurance guru and a trusted partner for many in this highly-regulated biopharmaceutical environment.


Episode 14: Tips for Conducting an Effective Kick Off Meeting

August 31, 2020

New relationships and projects are always exciting; the thrill of something new, the endless possibilities, and most importantly the potential... READ MORE

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Episode 13: Advantages of Agile Methodology

August 10, 2020

Software is an ever evolving industry. In the clinical trial world, we’ve all grown accustomed to the Waterfall methodology, but... READ MORE

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Episode 12: Checklist to ensure your IRT is inspection ready

July 27, 2020

One of the most stressful times on every clinical trial is the inevitable Regulatory Inspection. With a little prep, a... READ MORE

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Clinical Technologies Podcast: Spotlight on IRT

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