Global State-of-the-Art Laboratories

Our global high-tech laboratories based in Craigavon, UK and Durham NC, USA are ready to operate both research-use-only and clinical diagnostic assays. We have fully automated processing in place and a full laboratory information management system, which tracks samples from receipt to the completion of your study. You can make use of any of these services in a fee-for-service manner for routine genomic research.

Partnering with us you’ll have access to extensive bioinformatics support, from study design through to data interpretation. We also offer a range of supporting services, from sample sourcing and tissue processing to immune histochemistry and pathology review.


RNA Analysis

Almac has over ten year’s RNA profiling experience and have processed tens of thousands of samples for gene expression analysis.

Our specific area of expertise is working with degraded RNA from FFPE samples. This difficult sample type is used routinely in our labs for both biomarker discovery and routine clinical testing. Our research and diagnostic systems handle a range of complexity and processing rates, from low to extremely high.

Through our expertise we’ve developed our own range of biomarker discovery tools; the Xcel and Cancer DSA arrays, which are microarray-based tools optimized for biomarker research in FFPE tissue. We have used these tools extensively for both biomarker discovery and development and in the delivery of clinical assays in routine testing.


DNA Analysis

From Traditional Sanger Sequencing to Next Generation Sequencing

We offer qPCR services for DNA analysis and array-based systems such as the Affymetrix DMETTM, Oncoscan®, Cytoscan® and routine SNP arrays.
All of our DNA analysis services can be utilized in both a research and a diagnostics manner. The platforms we use for DNA analysis are suitable for diagnostic delivery and we have a number of CLIA validated assays available, such as the Cobas® KRAS, BRAF and EGFR.

We have also developed our own CLIA validated next generation sequencing assay for the P53 oncogene. This test has been developed in collaboration with Illumina® and is delivered on the MiSeq platform from our CLIA/CAP lab.


Xcel Array™ and Cancer DSA®

At Almac we have developed a range of microarrays to provide the optimal platform for biomarker discovery and development across multiple disease areas as well as within specific disease areas. These arrays are high density transcriptome based microarrays based on the gold standard Affymetrix GeneChip® platform.

The two main product lines are Xcel™ array discovery platform for studies in multiple disease areas and Cancer DSA® arrays, for studies within specific disease areas.

All the arrays have been designed using a combination of large-scale in-house sequencing projects, gene expression studies and carefully curated public databases. The arrays are optimised for use with both fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples which aids in the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers.


Xcel™ Array

The Xcel™ array is the optimal platform for biomarker discovery that enables the identification of biomarkers within multiple disease areas.

Xcel™ is a high density transcriptome based microarray built on the industry standard Affymetrix GeneChip® platform. The content of Xcel™ has been derived from high quality proprietary sequence data, as well as mining public gene expression and sequence databases

The Xcel™ array contains 97,000 transcripts; significantly more than is available on any other platform and the technology is optimised for use with Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue.

Cancer DSA®

DSA Research tools -Almac Diagnostics

Our Cancer DSA® research tools are the first high-density microarrays which focus on the transcriptome of an individual disease. They contain the most comprehensive information available for the disease under investigation on a single array and enable you to obtain robust data from FFPE and frozen samples, while delivering additional information on the disease setting.

Each Cancer DSA® research tool is designed around an individual disease and tissue specific transcriptome and as a result contains significant, additional and relevant information.

Portfolio of Cancer DSA® arrays:

  • Breast Cancer DSA®
  • Colorectal Cancer DSA®
  • Ovarian Cancer DSA®
  • Lung Cancer DSA®
  • Prostate Cancer DSA®



  • Affymetrix RUO & DX V2 Genechip® Systems
  • Roche LightCycler®
  • Life Technologies QuantStudio™
  • Illumina MiSeq®
  • Cancer DSA® Microarrays
  • XCEL™ Microarray
  • Fluidigm BioMark™ HD
  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Affymetrix SNP 6.0, DMETTM, OncoScan®
  • Fluidigm BioMark™ HD
  • NanoString nCounter Dx Analysis system with FLEX

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