Internal Dx Pipeline

  • Predictive
  • Prognostic

Almac’s Breakthrough Biomarker for Stage II/III Colon Cancer

This true example of a powerful multiplex signature involves a 634–probe set signature that can identify patients at high-risk for recurrence and/or high risk for cancer-related death.

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Almac’s Predictive Assay for DNA Damaging Agents

Almac has developed a gene expression assay to predict outcomes following treatment with DNA damaging drugs such as Anthracycline and Cyclophosphamide, novel DNA-damaging therapeutics such as PARP inhibitors as well as Immuno-Oncology agents.

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Almac’s Predctive Assay for Anti-Angiogenic Agents

Almac has identified and validated a powerful gene expression biomarker which identifies a molecular subgroup of patients who may benefit from anti-angiogenic therapy following standard of care chemotherapy.

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Almac’s Prognostic Assay for Prostate Cancer

Almac have identified a prognostic gene expression biomarker that prospectively identifies potential metastatic disease in prostate cancer patients.

Almac’s Predictive Assay for EMT Targeted Agents

Almac’s gene expression biomarker utilized to predict response to EMT targeted agents across numerous disease indications which may be affected by the EMT pathway aberrations.