Protein-Drug Conjugates

Target Class



Protein drug conjugate


Innovative non-antibody toxin conjugated drug scaffold


Almac’s site specific protein labeling technology is being used in conjunction with a shark VNAR/soloMERTM platform to develop a next generation protein drug conjugate.

Next generation protein-drug conjugates: Novel VNAR therapeutics to treat solid tumors

Antibodies and proteins are now part of the drug development furniture, delivering new clinical successes almost daily and returning billions in revenues. A quick look at the clinical trials roster shows that antibody drug conjugates are heading for the same levels of success. So what’s next?

Almac Discovery believe that non-antibody domain-sized scaffolds offer the way forward and are bringing together the cutting edge advances in antibody drug conjugates such as site specific conjugation and high potency toxins and applying them to SoloMERsTM the humanized VNAR domain of shark ‘antibodies’.

VNARs are a mere 12 KDa compared to antibodies of 150 KDa and therefore with there small size have  the potential to deliver cytotoxic payloads deep into the tumor, hence substantially improving efficacy of cancer therapies.

VNARs are also highly stable, bringing advantages in conjugate manufacture and the potential for novel delivery routes.