Solid Form Development – Embracing Automation

Since the mid-80s, the use of robotics in drug discovery has become common practice. The development of liquid handling devices and sensitive detectors, together with data processing and control software, allow us to quickly conduct thousands of experiments to identify active compounds, antibodies or genes that modulate particular biomolecular pathways. However, the use of similar strategies in drug development is not yet widely established.

Many of the tests performed in laboratories today usually involve repetitive actions such as moving solutions or weighing samples, which add no value to the project. In this context, the introduction of robots in the lab to perform these mundane and repetitive tasks will enable the scientist to spend their time in activities that increase the value of their research.

During this presentation, we will discuss our journey from a mostly manual tasks lab-based workforce to the introduction of automation platforms in our labs, specifically in the area of solid form screening.  Learn now automation:

  • Reduces errors
  • Ensures reproducibility
  • Increases the efficiency of our processes

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Almac Sciences provides integrated services from development to commercial scale of advanced intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

We provide a range of services for small molecules (including highly potent) and peptides. We have a proven track record of saving time and cost through the integration of our services and application of innovative biocatalysis and technology solutions.

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We offer a full suite of analytical testing for a range of different product types including small molecules, peptides, biologics, conjugates, potent and controlled substances.

Our vast pool of scientific knowledge can help to overcome the analytical challenges that typically arise during drug development.

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