Almac Group reaches a global workforce of 7,000 as it marks most successful financial year ever

June 7, 2023

Almac Group, the global contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organisation, has today announced its financial results for year ending 30 September 2022.

Today’s figures show the company recorded a £105 million (14.3%) rise in revenue from £735 million in 2021 to £840 million in 2022.  Pre-tax profits were recorded at £97 million, up from £81 million (20% increase) for the same period the previous year.  

This comes as Almac also reveals today that its global workforce has now reached 7,000 people, a total growth of over 1,000 employees in the last 18 months. This rise, aligned with the current capital investment programme, means Almac is well on its way to delivering on the significant expansion plans that were first announced in November 2021.

Almac is at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, testing and distributing essential medicines to patients around the world. During this financial year the group was involved in the development of hundreds of life-saving drugs spanning more than 20 therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiology, immunology, gene therapy and neurology.

Alan Armstrong, Almac Group Chairman and CEO said: “Today’s announcement is a welcome continuation of growth for Almac Group, and I would like to thank all within the organisation for playing their part. We are committed to reinvesting all our profits in the business, this success will play a vital part in our continued growth, expansion, and increase in our employee numbers.

“Almac is dedicated to ensuring we remain a global leader in our industry, giving our clients, and ultimately patients, across the world the best possible offering. We continue to play our part as a valued and trusted member of the communities in which we operate.”


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