Charnwood Facilities

In response to increasing client demand, Almac expanded its pharmaceutical drug product development services in the UK through the addition of two linked facilities within the Charnwood Campus, in Loughborough, England.

These facilities complement the existing pharmaceutical drug product development services already provided from our UK headquarters in Craigavon. With comparable technology, scale and equipment trains across both our development sites, we have significantly increased capacity to provide tailored GMP formulation development and manufacturing of solid oral dosage forms, to meet your clinical and small scale commercial needs.

Available GMP Floor Space

In addition to supporting all your development and manufacturing outsourcing needs, our world-class facilities at Charnwood currently have over 1,500m2 of readily available GMP floor space that can be customised to suit the specific needs of our client partners.

The flexible GMP modules are scalable in size from 22m2 to 100m2 and are suitable for pharmaceutical development, GMP manufacturing, drug product packaging or kit assembly. With appropriate technology investments, they could be utilised for many dosage forms and processes.

If you are currently facing the build or buy decision for your proprietary technology to meet increasing patient needs, why not leverage Almac’s technical expertise for delivering complex capital projects and discover how we can provide a bespoke, timely solution. Contact us directly to learn more.

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