Almac’s webinar series part I: Clinical Trial Supply and Technology

A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony

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Clinical Trial Supply and Technology: A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony

Part I: Building the Clinical Supply Chain

Welcome to the first of a three part webinar series titled Clinical Trial Supply and Technology: A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony. Part one of this series, Building the Clinical Supply Chain, discusses key topics needed for study planning of the physical supply chain. This webinar examines how to analyse available study information and how this impacts demand planning, supply planning and the packaging, labelling and distribution of supplies.

Topics covered in the webinar

Initial planning and study set-up

Protocol analysis and study information

Forecasting material demand and Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Packaging, Labelling and Distribution strategies

Andy Thress
Project Group Manager, Supply Chain Management

Learn about the webinar speaker

Andy Thress joined Almac Clinical Services in 2010 and has vast expertise in the area of global clinical supply chain management. Andy has experience in clinical trial material demand planning and forecasting, drug packaging, labeling, distribution, returns and destruction. As Supply Chain Manager, Andy is responsible for developing clinical supply chain strategies, managing project timelines, and overseeing all supply chain operations and processes. With his in-depth knowledge of Interactive Response Technology (IRT), he assists clients in developing and optimising their IRT systems used to conduct trials. Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from The Pennsylvania State University.

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