Almac’s webinar series part II: Clinical Trial Supply and Technology

A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony

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Clinical Trial Supply and Technology: A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony

Part II: Powering the Clinical Supply Chain

Welcome to the second of a three part webinar series titled Clinical Trial Supply and Technology: A proven approach to achieve supply chain harmony. This webinar, Powering the Clinical Supply Chain, examines systems and devices used for the tracking, review, and storage of temperature data. This session also discusses the development of the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) system to manage patient randomisations, data and clinical inventory. 

Topics covered in the webinar

Supply strategies to manage inventory

The Drug Management algorithm

Maintaining end to end product experience through Temperature Management

Managing stability data and resolving temperature excursions

Cheryl Kole
Director, Strategic Solutions

Learn about the webinar speaker

Cheryl Kole joined Almac in 2000 and has extensive experience in the global pharmaceutical technology industry. Since joining Almac in 2000, Cheryl has held multiple project management roles within Almac’s Clinical Technologies business unit. Currently as Director of Strategic Solutions, Cheryl is responsible for ensuring operational accountability in managing, both strategically and tactically, the quality and timeliness of the design, build, delivery, and support for all company core technology products and services. She supports all digital supply chain activities including operation support, vendor integrations, and technology solutions. Cheryl is based in Almac’s Lansdale, Pennsylvania office.

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