Our Vision

Our vision is to be widely recognised and acknowledged within the global biopharmaceutical community as an industry-leading discoverer and developer of innovative, first-in-class, drug molecules.

By fully utilising the expertise and knowledge of our team to address the significant hurdles inherent in drug discovery, we are driven to make fundamental contributions to the development and advancement of new medicines that address unmet medical needs across a range of therapeutic indications.

If you are passionate about your science, interested in working in a friendly and stimulating environment, and would welcome the opportunity to bring your best to our company, we are always interested in hearing from you.

Our expertise

Our core expertise and arising portfolio are focussed on two areas;

a) Targeting the Deubiquitinating enzyme class (DUBs) linked to protein homeostasis and degradation through the application of its proprietary UbiPlex technology platform, and,

b) Next Generation Protein: Drug Conjugate (PDC) technology platform utilising minimal antigen-binding domains combined with Almac’s novel, proprietary linker and payload technology.

Drug programmes derived from these platforms are currently being prosecuted both in house and with external collaborators.

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