Peptide & Protein Technology

Peptide & Protein Technology

Whether you are developing peptide and proteins as drug therapies, raising antibodies, probing disease mechanisms, or involved in assay development, Almac’s science and production capability can work for you.

Almac have extensive technology transfer and manufacturing experience across a wide range of GMP API clinical peptide projects.  Working from a MHRA inspected and certified facility, we offer a complete First in Man package and regulatory support where required.

Almac can manufacture any length of custom peptides (2-200 AA) – standard or modified, labeled or unlabelled – to any quantity (mg t o kg).  A peptide design service is also offered and our team of highly qualified peptide scientists provide the most cost effective supply of peptides for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

We have a leading edge team focused on R&D for peptide and protein synthesis and engineering and have recently launched a site specific PEGylation service.

A large range of chemokines are also available either from stock or customised with site specific biotin/Alexafluor 647® labelling.

Facilities and Equipment

Almac Advantage


150 man years peptide manufacturing experience.  Manufactured and supplied in excess of 7000 peptides.


Routine synthesis of up to 180AA.  Specialised ligation experience (PEGylation, labelling, conjugation).  Ability to perform site specific protein engineering and chemical protein synthesis.


MHRA inspected and certified GMP peptide facility

Research and Development

Leading edge peptide and protein synthesis and engineering

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