Modified Histones

Modified Histones

Regulating Regular and Disease-Specific Cellular Processes

Our proprietary platform technologies for the chemical synthesis of proteins enable the provision of pure, full-length natural histones, containing a wide variety of post-translational modifications, at any specified site(s) within the protein.

Our synthetic modified histones correspond exactly to the sequences of the natural modified histones, containing no amino acid replacements or residue analogues. They can be used in a variety of applications, such as substrates for specific histone modification enzymes, protein binding assays, and the generation of chromatin preparations.

Currently available in on our Histone catalogue are:

  • H3 native
  • H3 K9me
  • H3 K9ac K14ac
  • H3 K9me2
  • H3 K4ac K9ac K14ac K18ac K23ac
  • H3 K9me3
  • H3 S10p K14ac
  • H3 K4me3
  • H3 S10p
  • H3 R2me

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