Enzyme Engineering


Almac biocatalysis solutions offers enzyme engineering services for pharmaceutical and industrial enzyme applications.

Enzymes are the foundation of all biochemical reactions and life. Enzymes work by decreasing activation energy of all biochemical reactions in living organisms. Enzymes are classified into seven categories according to the types of reactions they carry out: EC 1 Oxidoreductases; EC 2 Transferases; EC 3 Hydrolases, EC 4 Lyases, EC 5 Isomerases, EC 6 Ligases, EC 7 Translocases.

Enzyme engineering is the process of improving enzymes for various industrial applications such as those found in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, agriculture, biofuels, textiles, F&F and food processing. Key enzyme properties include selectivity, activity, process tolerance, and thermostability. Please click on the links to find out more about some of the enzymes engineered by Almac biocatalysis:

Enzyme ClassCase Study
EC 1 OxidoreductasesCase Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3
Case Study 4
EC 2 TransferasesCase Study 1
EC 3 HydrolasesCase Study 1
Case Study 2
EC 4 LyasesCase Study 1
Case Study 2
EC 6 LigasesCase Study 1

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