Ubiquitylated Peptides

We provide several reagents that incorporate full-length ubiquitin site-specifically onto a peptide. Products are entirely synthetic, ensuring precision over the labelling position and product purity. Linkage is via the native isopeptide-bond, using high yielding methodology. These reagents are physiologically relevant Ub substrates for DUB assays, and fluorescent analogues are available for drug screening and profiling applications.

We have several off-the shelf-reagents available:

  • AUB-001 Ac-PTEN(Ub)-NH2
  • AUB-002 Ac-H2B(Ub)-NH2
  • AUB-101 5’-TAMRA-K(Ub)-NH2

We can also help in reagent design, or to synthesise your custom requests.

Ubiquitylated Peptides

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