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Fair Competition and Anti-Trust Statement

The Almac Group (“Almac”) believes that fair competition is in everyone’s best interests. Fair competition in open markets can encourage businesses to be innovative in their development, and to make the best use of the resources available to them. As such, free and fair competition is important to Almac and Almac believes both in competing fairly with its competitors and dealing fairly with its customers and suppliers. Almac seeks to conduct its activities in a fair and reasonable manner and in a way which avoids negative impacts upon competition. As a global business, Almac carries out its activities in compliance with applicable local competition and anti-trust laws wherever it does business.

Almac requires that its suppliers agree to comply with all relevant competition and anti-trust laws, and also asks its employees and workers to be vigilant to potential breaches of such legislation. In taking steps to ensure that Almac does not cause damage to competition in any of the global markets in which it operates, Almac will neither agree not to compete with another business/organisation, nor will it abuse any dominant position which it may have from time to time.

Almac regards the following practices, without limitation, as examples of anti-competitive behaviour:

  • Accepting, sharing or discussing competitively sensitive confidential information with competitors, including information relating to prices, costs and sales volumes.
  • Agreeing with competitors to fix the prices of products or services (including commissions, rebates and discounts) (known as ‘price fixing’).
  • Agreeing with competitors to divide up certain markets, regions or accounts between us (known as ‘market sharing’).
  • Discussing bids for contracts with competitors (known as ‘bid rigging’).

If anyone associated with Almac is approached in relation to any of the above, inadvertently receives competitively sensitive information which they know they should not have received, or receives requests for competitively sensitive information, they should notify their line manager as soon as possible. Almac’s employees and workers can also make confidential disclosures of potential breaches of fair competition and anti-trust laws via Almac’s whistleblowing process. Almac is committed to investigating any alleged breaches of applicable fair competition and anti-trust laws, and will work with relevant local regulators where it is required to do so.

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