Inhaler Blinding

Inhaler Blinding

Over 20 years’ experience in supplying blinded or converted inhalation devices

The global market has a growing need for inhaled respiratory products and many comparative clinical studies against marketed products need to be conducted. When there is a marked difference between the devices, often a double dummy design is employed.

Within our pioneering innovator service, we offer blinding or conversion to placebo for many inhaler device types. When combined with our on-site analytical and QP services, our service is truly integrated and unique.

Devices and services include:

  • MDI (metered dose inhaler)
  • DPI (dry powder inhalers)
  • DPI – capsule based
  • DPI – reservoir based
  • Various other formats
  • Both blinding and conversion to placebo
  • Innovator processes to disassemble / reassemble devices
  • Production of specialised blisters in low RH for use as placebo
  • Analytical services and testing to prove compliance
  • Comparator procurement

Our knowledgeable specialists are available to provide guidance for your blinding or conversion, as we know that careful assessment is required for each device type.

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