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Cryogenic Service Solution

Drug development is evolving, and Cell and Gene Therapy is playing a vital role in delivering substantial leaps forward in human health. This incredibly exciting chapter in drug development has significant potential to transform modern medicine. By targeting the cause of diseases, across multiple therapeutic areas from oncology to auto immune diseases, at a cellular level, treatment pathways – along with health outcomes – can be enhanced.

This Cryogenic Service Solution extends Almac’s specialist temperature-controlled offering, providing sponsors with a complete solution for the secondary packaging, storage and distribution of cell and gene therapies.

Combined with Almac’s 50 years’ experience, global infrastructure and expert people, processes and technology, this Service Solution provides sponsors with an unbroken chain of custody to maximise visibility and control of precious clinical supplies, effectively lowering risk and protecting patients.

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Features and Benefits

  • State of the art, fully contained cGMP suite featuring segregated processing rooms to safely handle, package, and label advanced therapies under cryogenic conditions
  • Cutting edge cryogenic freezers, utilising liquid nitrogen vapor phase storage with -190°C top box capability
  • Designed to ensure minimal time out of condition with efficiency of receiving, labelling and distribution of material
  • 24/7 building management system, providing monitoring and surveillance of the vessels and environmental conditions
  • Custom storage solutions to support client specific requests
  • Designed to facilitate LEAN production strategy, including Almac’s demand led; Just in Time Manufacturing solution, Almac Adapt
  • A robust cryogenic shipping service, utilising specialist vapor and validated shippers with cryogenic boxes, to dispatch products to customer destinations and guarantee product integrity throughout transit
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