Human site-specifically biotin labelled Chemokines

Human site-specifically biotin labelled ChemokinesOne of the advantages of chemical synthesis of chemokines is the ability to introduce labels in a site-specific manner. Almac offers a range of site-specifically biotinylated synthetic chemokines. Using the advantages offered by modern synthetic chemistry methods, a single biotin molecule is added to a specific location in the chemokine sequence. There are many applications of such reagents – chemokine receptor identification, biological screening, site-specific labelling.

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Chemokine Ligand Chemokine Name Size Catalogue code
CCL3 MIP-1alpha 10ug CB-01
CCL3 MIP-1alpha 100ug CB-01
CCL2 MCP-1 10ug CB-02
CCL2 MCP-1 100ug CB-02
CCL11 Eotaxin 10ug CB-03
CCL11 Eotaxin 100ug CB-03
CCL22 MDC 10ug CB-04
CCL22 MDC 100ug CB-04
CCL20 MIP-3alpha 10ug CB-05
CCL20 MIP-3alpha 100ug CB-05
CCL19 MIP-3beta 10ug CB-06
CCL19 MIP-3beta 100ug CB-06
CCL1 I-309 10ug CB-07
CCL1 I-309 100ug CB-07
CCL5 RANTES 10ug CB-08
CCL5 RANTES 100ug CB-08
CXCL8 IL-8 10ug CB-09
CXCL8 IL-8 100ug CB-09
CXCL10 IP-10 10ug CB-10
CXCL10 IP-10 100ug CB-10
CXCL12 SDF-1alpha 10ug CB-11
CXCL12 SDF-1alpha 100ug CB-11
CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 10ug CB-12
CXCL13 BLC/BCA-1 100ug CB-12
CXCL11 ITAC 10ug CB-13
CXCL11 ITAC 100ug CB-13
CX3CL1 Fractalkine 10ug CB-14
CX3CL1 Fractalkine 100ug CB-14
CCL25 TECK 10ug CB-15
CCL25 TECK 100ug CB-15
CCL17 TARC 10ug CB-16
CCL17 TARC 100ug CB-16
CXCL14 BRAK 10ug CB-17
CXCL14 BRAK 100ug CB-17
CCL8 MCP-2 10ug CB-18
CCL8 MCP-2 100ug CB-18
CCL15 CCL15 10ug CB-19
CCL15 CCL15 100ug CB-19
CCL28 MEC 10ug CB-20
CCL28 MEC 100ug CB-20
CCL18 CCL18 10ug CB-21
CCL18 CCL18 100ug CB-21
CXCL12 SDF-1beta 10ug CB-22
CXCL12 SDF-1beta 100ug CB-22
CCL4 MIP-1beta 10ug CB-23
CCL4 MIP-1beta 100ug CB-23


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