Commercial Packaging

We offer a wide range of commercial packaging solutions to meet your needs, from initial artwork and pack design to commercial packaging, serialisation and distribution.

From our UK and US commercial packaging facilities, we are able to serve global markets. We are MHRA and FDA licensed and have been successfully inspected by global regulatory authorities including Pmda, ANVISA, Turkish Ministry of Health and South Korea FDA. With DEA and UK Home Office approval we are also licensed for the storage and processing of controlled drugs (schedules II-V). Through comprehensive standard operating procedures, rigorous training, and a range of process controls, we can ensure that your products meet the required specifications.

Our high and low throughput packaging operations provide flexibility and efficiency in the processing of solid oral dose and sterile presentations. We’re able to support both high volume marketed products and niche/orphan drug launches.

Primary Packaging

  • Bottles
  • Blisters (Thermoform, Coldform)
  • Sachets and pouches

Secondary Labelling and Packaging

Advanced Packaging Technologies

Supporting the unique demands of our clients with advanced packaging technologies capable of processing:

  • Large blister formats
  • Humidity sensitive products with desiccant insertion
  • Multi-product combination blisters

Our blister lines incorporate HAPA blister printing technology for both online and offline blister printing. This enhances flexibility and enables just-in-time packaging for small country specific needs.

Addressing increased client demand of developing and bringing more advanced medicines and niche orphan drugs to market, we enhanced our commercial packaging offering by adding bespoke technology for the specialised packaging of complex kit assembly for medical devices, combination products and biologic packs.

Dedicated Product Supply Managers

To facilitate the transfer for all commercial packaging projects, each of our client partners is allocated a dedicated Product Supply Manager. This single point of contact leads an experienced multi-disciplinary team, defining roles and responsibilities, generating and reporting against an agreed project plan of deliverables to ensure that the transfer process is as simple, clear and as defined as possible.

Customised Solutions

We have a dedicated in-house engineering team who provide tooling design and machine prototype manufacture. Their expertise facilitates a rapid turnaround of tailored solutions and equipment design & build to meet the requirements of your product.

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