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Commercial Packaging

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Commercial Packaging

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Commercial Packaging

With commercial facilities in the UK, EU & US, our global presence and local expertise provides flexible, quality led commercial pharmaceutical packaging solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, from initial artwork and pack design to commercial drug product packaging, serialisation and distribution.

We are MHRA, HPRA and FDA licensed and have been successfully inspected by global regulatory authorities including Pmda, ANVISA, Turkish Ministry of Health and South Korea FDA. With DEA and UK Home Office approval we are also licensed for the storage and processing of controlled drugs (schedules II-V). In line with regulatory compliance, our facilities regularly undergo GMP inspections by MHRA, FDA, and HPRA. We hold GMP certificates enabling GMP development, manufacture, and packaging of products, as well as flexible GMP specific floorspace. Pre-qualified amenities within our floorspace include, power, compressed air, purified water, and RH control. Through comprehensive standard operating procedures, rigorous training, and a range of process controls, we can ensure that your products meet the required specifications.

Our high and low throughput commercial pharmaceutical packaging operations provide flexibility and efficiency in the processing of solid oral dose and sterile presentations. We’re able to support both high volume marketed products and niche/orphan drug launches.

Primary Packaging

  • Bottles
  • Blisters (Thermoform, Coldform)
  • Sachets, pouches and stickpacks

Secondary Labelling and Packaging

Advanced Commercial Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

We support the unique needs of our clients with advanced commercial pharmaceutical packaging solutions capable of processing:

  • Gene therapies (including packaging at cold/frozen temperatures)
  • Complex medical kits/devices
  • Paediatric products (stickpack packaging)
  • Humidity sensitive products with desiccant insertion
  • Multi-product combination blisters

Our commercial packaging blister lines incorporate HAPA blister printing technology for both online and offline blister printing, providing enhanced flexibility, enabling just-in-time packaging for small country specific needs

Addressing increased client demand for developing and bringing more advanced medicines and niche orphan drugs to market, we enhanced our commercial pharmaceutical packaging offering by adding bespoke technology for the specialised packaging of complex kit assembly for medical devices, combination products and biologic packs.

Customised Solutions

Our innovative in-house engineering team provide tooling design and machine prototype manufacture. Their expertise facilitates a rapid turnaround of tailored solutions and equipment design and build to meet the specialised requirements of your product.

Available GMP Floor Space

In addition to supporting all your commercial packaging outsourcing needs, we currently have over 1,300m2 of readily available GMP floor space at our US and EU facilities that can be customised to suit the specific needs of our client partners.

These flexible GMP packaging suites are suitable for commercial packaging of all dosage forms. Onsite complementary support services of analytical testing, storage (controlled ambient, refrigerated and frozen), packaging design & artwork, serialization and QP services provide you with a comprehensive strategic solution.

If you are currently facing the build or buy decision for your proprietary technology to meet increasing patient needs or to support your commercial launch, why not leverage Almac’s technical expertise for delivering complex capital projects and discover how we can provide a bespoke, timely solution.

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