formufast™: Pre-Clinical Formulation Development

formufast™: Pre-Clinical Formulation Development

The Intelligent and Rapid Approach to Creating Rational Formulations

Pre-clinical formulations often improve the in-vitro solubility of poorly soluble APIs, but do little to improve their bioavailability. We have developed and implemented formufastTM screens, an intelligent and rapid approach that creates rational formulations with improved solubility and bioavailability characteristics. This service fits the needs of drug discovery and preformulation groups where the availability of material is limited.

formufastTM allows for the rapid screening of small quantities of API against a range of formulation vehicles. The solubility of the molecule is screened in a tailored matrix of commonly used GRAS excipients, surfactants, cyclodextrins, polymers, co-solvents physiologically relevant buffers and mixtures thereof. The solubilising capacity is quantified for each of the excipients and suitable formulations are developed for the intended administration route.  Using formufastTM screens, suitable formulations can be identified within 72 hours, using as little as 25mg of API.

Advantages of formufastTM screening:

  • Saves materials and time
  • Delivers a rank ordering of excipients based on solubilising capacity in the relevant media
  • Reduces the need for repetition of costly PK and Tox studies due to formulation failures

formufastTM can be used to design and prepare oral, parenteral, and solid dispersion formulations.

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