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Almac Clinical Technologies is currently recruiting for a number of Project Managers to come and join the team at our Craigavon headquarters

Whilst previous experience in the IT or pharmaceutical sector is welcomed, it is not necessary in order to apply for this role. We recognise that we work in a very unique market, so we offer supportive on the job training and a mentoring structure that is designed to help you hone your project management skills to deliver in our industry.

We have a number of successful Project Managers who have made a move from Banking and Finance, Engineering and Education backgrounds to Almac Clinical Technologies. We are looking for exceptional people who can bring their skills and knowledge to deliver in our specialist sector.

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Project Management at Almac

What we do : 

Our Project Managers are responsible for the overall delivery of Interactive Response Technology (IRT) projects for both the initial build and maintenance phases. As a Project Manager in Clinical Technologies, you will have core responsibilities for budget, timelines, scope, quality and risk management, but also get involved in trouble-shooting, process improvement and department level training and improvement initiatives.

Who are our customers :

Our external customers include Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) companies worldwide. We place equal emphasis on working relationships with our internal customers, who include Developers, Testers, Design Managers (Business Analysts), Systems Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Specialists and Quality Assurance, to name a few.

Our Position in the market place :

Almac Clinical Technologies has a strong reputation for building an Interactive Response Technology (IRT) software solution that can be customised to support the most complex of Clinical Trial study designs. Available in multiple modalities, our market-leading solution for Patient Randomisation and Trial Supply Management, IXRS3®, is the most configurable and customisable Interactive Response Technology available.

Why should you come and work for Almac Clinical Technologies Project Management department?

  • Supportive training package and mentoring structure to aid your application of cross-transferrable skills with On the Job Learning of IRT within this specialist sector to mutual benefit
  • Almac has been consistently growing year on year, which combined with the client facing and product knowledge skills you will gain and refine, opens up the potential to a range of career progression opportunities both inside and outside of the Project Management sphere
  • We actively encourage a collaborative and consultative approach both internally and externally
  • Proactive problem prevention and issue resolution offers an interesting dimension to the role
  • Job diversity means that no two days are truly the same
  • Managing: establishes and coordinates activities using Almac’s established processes and procedures (SDLC). Coordinates the completion and closeout of identified deliverables. Interfaces and coordinates with project team members and stakeholders.
  • Project Scope: Initiates and manages conversations about scope during requirements gathering and maintenance.       Identifies any trends in project support which are out of scope. Manages Change Control process and raises CCFs as applicable.     
  • Planning: Identifies and manages project tasks, dependencies and critical path and documents this on a project plan/schedule. Develops and drives project schedule to ensure timelines are met with input from the project team.
  • Project control: conduct routine project reviews which compares actual project status to plan. When deviation occurs, the Project Manager establishes and implements corrective action.
  • Risk: Responsible for identifying, mitigating and managing risk via documented plan.
  • Problem Resolution: Ensures project support team resolves issues arising during the maintenance phase of an IXRS project in a timely manner. Collaborates with System Management during maintenance phase to understand and resolve any issues causing unexpected volume or types of technical support inquiries.
  • Project Deliverable Management: Ensure timely delivery and completion of project deliverables over the life of an IXRS project.
  • Communication: Interact effectively with different functional areas within Almac as well as with the external client, sponsor and/or vendor

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Mark Prentice | Project Manager

What qualities are required for your job - personal and professional?

Communication is key for project management. As you are the main point of contact for your projects, being able to communicate with both the customer and internal teams efficiently and effectively is extremely important. Being able to adapt the message you are communicating to specific people also makes life a lot easier!

Organisation and time management skills are also vital, as you face many timelines that must be met to ensure you deliver what is expected. You need to have a strong character to deal with any setbacks and communicate key messages to all departments, as you may be reliant on them meeting their timelines for you to meet yours. There are also occasions when you have to deliver difficult messages to your clients, and again a strong, confident and open personality can really help in this regard. The ability to thrive under pressure and being enthusiastic are also important to succeed in the role.

What does a typical day in your job involve?

In my role, there really is no typical day! However, a day would normally consist of coming into the office between 7:30am and 8am, and catching up with email correspondence from the previous day. Tasks really do vary from this point, and often include: conference calls/meetings with clients, liaising with other departments within Almac, troubleshooting issues for end users, maintaining documentation, dealing with project scope & budgets, and ensuring that any deliverables for my projects are met in a timely fashion. Attending and delivering training is also a common occurrence, as the clinical trial industry is fast paced and always changing!

How do you balance your career with your personal life?

I try to balance my job with my home life by organising and prioritising tasks both within and outside of work, and setting specific goals to be completed on a daily and weekly basis. Ensuring these tasks are completed allows me to leave work with a sense of achievement, and also enables me to switch off at home knowing that nothing has been left unfinished.

I am fortunate to have flexible working hours, which means I can organise my work around any family appointments and events where feasible. Also trying not to think or speak about work after I leave the office helps me to switch from work mode to family mode.



We are looking for exceptional people who can bring their skills and knowledge to deliver in our specialist sector.


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