Wallet Cards

Handling practically any wallet card configuration, shape or size required.

Our ability to work across all the touch points of your trial means that we can work with you to design the optimum pack for both the patient and protocol. We can produce wallet cards efficiently and effectively across the global supply chain and assess labelling and distribution considerations during production planning.

Our in-house design group allows production efficiency to be combined with patient-friendly pack designs

  • Design and sourcing of wallet cards
  • Child resistant and senior friendly
  • High speed walleting for greatly increased capacity
  • High speed lines use vision systems, which reduce waste

Our in-house and outsourced engineering resources provide well-proven tooling and customisation options:

  • Over 24 lines available globally
  • Automated or semi-automated equipment
  • Small to large volume
  • High speed lines have greatly increased capacity
  • Station masking systems
  • Heat or pressure sealed wallets

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