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Project Management

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Project Management


Almac Diagnostic Services global Project Management team are based at our headquarters in Craigavon, UK and our North Carolina facility in the USA.

We recognise that every client and biomarker project is unique.  Our Project Management team work in partnership with our clients throughout their projects to provide a comprehensive service from initial study design and planning through to execution of all agreed deliverables.

Experience and Strengths:

Our Project Management team are experienced in managing biomarker discovery, development and commercialisation projects.  Each Project Manager utilises their skills and experience to ensure they fully understand each client’s individual programme milestones and needs, providing insight and trusted advice throughout the lifetime of the project. 

We foster a collaborative working partnership with our clients through transparency & flexibility to achieve shared goals. Our Project Managers often become a trusted & valued extension to the client’s team.


Our Project Managers are your single point of contact for the duration of the project.  They are responsible for managing all project communication with our clients and internal teams.  Timely, clear and concise communication is our focus to ensure we can navigate through your biomarker projects as efficiently as possible.  The Almac Project Manager will facilitate joint multidisciplinary project team meetings to define project scope and strategy as well as driving and achieving agreed objectives.

Our Project Managers (PM) are experienced in managing global teams both internally at Almac as well as external multidisciplinary client project teams based at various global locations. We will work to find a communication model tailored to your team’s needs and will flex this approach where required.  

Almac Project Management – What you can expect:

  • Establishment of a transparent, collaborative project team from the outset
  • Dedicated Project Manager who will tailor the service to your specific needs
  • We will take time to understand what is important to your project, ensuring this is clearly captured, translated and delivered by the Almac team
  • Regular communication to ensure up to date information on project progress
  • Effective and transparent problem solving should any issues arise, providing detailed options including impact assessment
  • Clear, detailed documentation and reporting of all project deliverables

Project Management Process:


PM liaises with client to comprehensively capture project requirements and translate into a scope of work


PM leads the Almac team to deliver on the project objectives, keeping the client informed throughout with regular project updates/meetings

Reporting & Dispatch

PM provides client with deliverables as detailed in the scope of work and facilitates discussions to aid interpretation


PM liaises with client to complete closeout activities such as return of sample material


Who We Work With:

A list of some of the Global Biopharma clients we partner with can be found here:

“Your Project Managers have been tremendous support for all of the ups and downs with our Drug Programme. It may seem a small thing but it was terrific to feel as though they were allies rather than adversaries as we worked together. Their hard work has garnered my deep gratitude and more importantly an excellent reputation for Almac within our Company. Reflecting on how adaptable they were to all of the challenges we faced made it very easy to recommend that we partner with Almac for upcoming work ………. your Project Managers definitely deserve to be commended for all that they’ve done.”
Global Pharma Company
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