Mouse Chemokines

Almac presents a range of mouse chemokines, produced by chemical synthesis to ensure high purity and reliable biological function.

The chemical synthesis of chemokines is a relatively recent advancement, but one that should be strongly considered when identifying a source of suitable research reagents.

Chemokine NameSizeCatalogue code
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m-Fractalkine (AF647®), synthetic10ugCAF-51
m-Fractalkine (AF647®), synthetic100ugCAF-51
m-Fractalkine (Biotin), synthetic10ugCB-51
m-Fractalkine (Biotin), synthetic100ugCB-51
m-Fractalkine, synthetic1mgCN-51
m-Fractalkine, synthetic20ugCN-51
m-Fractalkine, synthetic100ugCN-51
m-MCP-1 (AF647®), synthetic10ugCAF-52
m-MCP-1 (AF647®), synthetic100ugCAF-52
m-MCP-1 (Biotin), synthetic10ugCB-52
m-MCP-1 (Biotin), synthetic100ugCB-52
m-MCP-1, synthetic1mgCN-52
m-MCP-1, synthetic20ugCN-52
m-MCP-1, synthetic100ugCN-52
m-SDF-1α (AF647®), synthetic10ugCAF-50
m-SDF-1α (AF647®), synthetic100ugCAF-50
m-SDF-1α (Biotin), synthetic10ugCB-50
m-SDF-1α (Biotin), synthetic100ugCB-50
m-SDF-1α, synthetic1mgCN-50
m-SDF-1α, synthetic20ugCN-50
m-SDF-1α, synthetic100ugCN-50

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