Enzyme Screening Kits – selectAZyme™


Enzyme Screening Kits – selectAZyme™

This exclusive technology platform consists of a number of recombinant enzyme panels that can be used in chemical processing across multiple functional group interchanges.

With this unique selectAZyme™ platform, we can offer you a range of enzymes suitable for carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions.  We have the expertise to guide your biosynthesis from conception to scale-up.

We can deliver the following:

  • FTE or FFS contracts
  • Screening of our biocatalyst toolbox with customer substrates – comprising of biocatalyst selection and route demonstration
  • Biocatalytic route invention and process development
  • Enzyme supply on a £ / Kg basis
  • Enzyme development and evolution
  • Tech transfer and ongoing support through all the manufacturing steps, including the training of personnel, if required
  • Supply of chiral intermediates
  • Microbial screening and molecular biology for the development of novel biocatalysts
  • Fermentation development and scale-up
  • Metabolite synthesis

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