Companion Diagnostics

An emphasis on scientific and technological excellence combined with a committed and passionate multi-functional team, puts Almac Diagnostics in a leadership position to take companion and other diagnostic tests all the way through development and to commercialisation.

Biomarker Discovery

Almac have extensive experience in the discovery of clinically relevant and clinically applicable biomarkers, through our own research and development programs and through developing biomarkers for our partners.

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Clinical Trial Assay Development

Almac have extensive expertise in the development of CLIA-validated clinical trial assays. We have developed RNA, DNA and protein based clinical assays on a wide range of platforms and we are currently supporting a large number of biomarker-driven clinical trials globally.

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RUO Assay Development

Our assay development services are not limited to predictive markers for clinical use – we also offer services in the development of research or retrospective use (RUO) assays on a range of platforms.

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CDx Development and Commercialisation

We are uniquely placed to partner with clients throughout the entire process of multiplex companion diagnostic development – from the fundamental research and discovery phase, through the conduct of clinical trials and the manufacturing of test kits, to the patient sample testing.

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