Enzyme Evolution


Providing the Tech Support Necessary for the Production of Viable Enzymes

We have an integrated Molecular Biology facility that provides all of the technical support and expertise you need to produce commercially viable enzymes.

Our facility can provide biocatalysts in any form you desire, whether it be cloned DNA in a plasmid of choice or large quantities of purified protein. We recognise that your needs are as unique as your fingerprints, so we provide you with a tailored biocatalysis solution. Novel biocatalysts can be sourced from our own cDNA libraries and enhanced through mutagenesis, providing you with a custom biocatalyst.

Enzyme performance can be increased through computational and directed evolution expertise. Enzymes have been evolved for increased selectivity, activity, solvent tolerance, and thermostability.

Computational Biology Capabilities

Our expertise in computational biology and bioinformatics includes:

  • Access to large databases of gene and protein sequences
  • A wide range of DNA, genomic and protein sequence analytical tools, as well as, evolutionary biology computational tools
  • Available resource for building, annotating, and querying biological pathways
  • We can offer a comprehensive study of the protein structure and function utilizing 3-D protein modeling software tools
  • Highly qualified bioinformaticians who provide inclusive analysis on DNA, protein, and protein modeling

Enzyme Evolution

Our expertise in enzyme evolution and engineering includes:

  • The capability to perform directed evolution by both site-specific and random mutagenesis
  • Expertise in a number of different expression systems, such as E.coli, Pichia, Steptomycetes and Aspergillus
  • Bioinformatic expertise that allows us to perform saturation mutagenesis, a powerful tool in the field of directed evolution
  • Use of a colony picker, which will automatically screen a large selection of colonies present on the solid media and pick the colonies that require further testing
  • Parallel UPLC systems for rapid screening of libraries to show either activity or selectivity of the enzyme
  • A liquid handler for the automated process of dispensing chemical or biological reagents, providing accuracy and ease for a large number of samples
  • High throughput screening may be carried out in a 96 well format using a colorimetric assay, HPLC or MS analysis
  • Access to a novel system that allows the glycosylation of proteins in E.coli

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