Specialised Packaging

With more than 50 years’ experience, we offer a wide range of flexible specialised packaging solutions to meet all your product launch and ongoing commercial supply needs.

Addressing the increasing focus of developing and bringing more advanced medicines and niche orphan drugs to market, we continue to invest in our commercial packaging capabilities to provide enhanced specialised packaging services to our client partners, including:

With recent investment in our US commercial packaging facility, we have enhanced our capabilities by adding bespoke technology for the specialised packaging of complex medical kit components and can process both standard and custom syringes, as well as auto-injector pens and any other medical devices. Click here to learn more about our Semi-automated Packaging System.

Specialised Packaging eBookSpecialised Packaging eBook

Read our latest Specialised Packaging eBook to explore some of the biggest trends in the pharmaceutical packaging market, providing insight into key considerations for the various specialised packaging formats and the impact they could have on the drug product supply chain: Download now.

With commercial facilities in the UK and US, our global presence and local expertise provide flexible, quality led commercial solutions, from orphan drug launches to ongoing high volume commercial product manufacture, packaging and supply.

 Technology Craigavon, UK Audubon, US
Multi product blistering Yes Yes 
Humidity sensitive blistering Yes Yes
On demand blister printing Yes Yes
Walleting Yes Yes
Vial labelling  Yes Yes
Syringe labelling Yes Yes
Complex kit assembly Yes Yes
Sachet / stickpack Yes  
Serialisation Yes Yes


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