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Customised Business Solutions

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Customised Business Solutions

At Almac, we realise our client partners face a variety of commercial business challenges especially with regards to forecasting, particularly for specialised medicines and orphan drug products and as such, we differentiate ourselves by offering the flexibility that clients need.

Working with our client partners, we provide tailored solutions to meet their unique commercial manufacturing and packaging outsourcing needs. The below provides some examples of the many ways our business can adapt to meet these differing needs.

  1. Transactional Vendor
    Traditional fee for service relationships still work for some of our clients. We provide defined commercial drug product manufacturing/packaging services for a set service fee that we quote on an individual project basis.

  2. Preferred Provider

    Reserved Technology Capacity
    Clients purchase blocks of capacity in advance to reserve Almac’s commercial manufacturing /packaging technology. This business model offers the flexibility to run multiple small volume projects or multi-week campaigns with dedicated capacity guaranteed, avoiding costs and risks associated with asset ownership.

    Pre-defined Work Packages
    Pre-defined work packages avoid the delays of issuing RFPs and proposals for individual projects. Clients establish a clear scope of work, timeline, cost, and output, helping to streamline future project introductions.

  3. Strategic Partner

    Dedicated Technology via Client Led Investment
    Clients invest in equipment that is placed at Almac’s commercial facilities as a shared or dedicated asset and have the option of authorising the sale of excess capacity to another pharma company.

    Dedicated GMP Floor Space for Client Technology
    A fully customised solution that allows client partners to leverage Almac’s GMP floor space, technical resources and quality led processes, placing their specialised platform technology within one of Almac’s global sites.

    Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
    Helping increase supply chain reliability and responsiveness, Almac can support multi-site supply strategies through our global facilities or act as a secondary site of commercial manufacture.
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