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Interactive Response Technology (IRT) – IXRS®3

Used in more than 2,800 clinical trials and in 120+ countries around the world.

Over the past several years, clinical trials have become increasingly intricate. Study sponsors now aim to satisfy multiple objectives within a single, more complex protocol. As the level of complexity grows, it’s imperative that the technology employed to capture this critical data keeps up.

Almac Clinical Technologies has earned a reputation for providing a level of flexibility through Interactive Response Technology (IRT) software that is unmatched in the industry.

Available in multiple modalities, our market-leading solution for patient randomisation and trial supply management is the most configurable and customisable Interactive Response Technology available. From Phase I through to IV, simple designs to complex adaptive trials, IXRS®3 will easily accommodate any permutation of study objectives, and with it comes a team of professional biostatisticians, language and integration experts who are at the ready 24/7.

Study Build


  • Features On/Off
  • Randomisation Methodology
  • Treatment Arms
  • Vist & Assignment Schedule
  • Subject Parameters


  • Protocol Specific Complexities

Study Implementation

Initial Study Set Up

  • List Imports
  • Sites
  • Depots
  • Supply Settings
  • Study Settings
  • User Roles
  • User Accounts

Protocol Management

Protocol Management

  • Cohorts/enrollment

Site Management

  • Activation/Deactivation

Supply Release & Management

  • New releases
  • Supply changes
  • Depot changes

Drug Ordering

Subject Transactions & Edits

User Accounts

Key Features

Clinical Trial Reporting

All of your clinical trial data, where you need it to be

Today’s clinical trial managers need instant access to accurate data in order to make informed decisions that can impact timelines and costs. Empowering users with real-time reporting means sponsors and sites can quickly address compliance issues, adverse events and supply and patient needs.

Interactive Reporting™

IXRS®3 Reports is a powerful, user-friendly reporting system which helps clinicians and supply management professionals maximise the value of their clinical data. With standard and custom dashboards, IXRS®3 Reports can create client view alerts, clinical trial metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other clinical trial-related information available at a glance.

Generating key study data from the IXRS® Interactive Response Technology database, we provide faster access for up-to-date clinical trial information.

With IXRS®3 Reports you also have the ability to view your data in real-time and drill down, sort, filter, analyse and share information quickly with other team members. You can easily create graphs, charts and tables to display information, as well as, custom reports that can be saved in the Cloud for future use.

IXRS®3 Reports online help tool features

  • An easy-to-use menu view of all reports contained in IXRS®3 Reports
  • A quick index (content) search by keywords contained in the report
  • A keyword search for all reports containing the query

IXRS®3 Reports can be accessed through multiple operating systems, including Apple Safari® , BlackBerry® software, Google ChromeTM, Internet Explorer® and Firefox®. Reports can also be exported to a variety of formats.

IXRS® is a registered trademark of Almac Clinical Technologies, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Clinical Trial Data Integration

Almac Clinical Technologies routinely supports uni-directional and bi-directional integrations with other clinical systems and to send and/or receive information at specified time periods.  With experience in performing nearly 2,500 integrations with a large number of systems and products hosted by vendors, sponsors and CROs. Our IXRS product is equipped to handle the most complex integrations seen in today’s clinical trials.  Some of the many integrations that we have implemented include:

  • EDC
  • CIMS
  • CTMS
  • Clinical Supplies 
  • Simulation & Forecasting Tools
  • Central Labs
  • Clinical Assessments

Almac Clinical Technologies can accommodate all types of file formats and transmission frequency. The most common file types we see are ASCII, XML, and SAS.  While we have the ability to accommodate real time to hourly requests, data frequencies are commonly daily, weekly and monthly,. We also regularly see transfers sent upon certain study milestones. Additionally, most integrations have real-time transmission of study data.

IXRS®3, Exostar Identity & Access Management Service

As part of our commitment to innovation and providing a better IRT experience for clinical trial operations, we’ve partnered with Exostar to bring industry-leading Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to users of the IXRS®3 platform.

This technological advance enables Almac IRT users to seamlessly utilise their pre-existing network account credentials in order to log in to the IXRS – eliminating the need to manage and maintain another set of single-usage credentials. This capability not only increases site productivity and security for Trial Sponsor entities, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), cloud application providers, and other participating members, but also reduces the impact to patients waiting to be treated as well.

Increased site productivity

Increased site productivity

Reduced cognitive load of using single-usage user name and password combinations. Reduced number of calls to the help desk

Reduced impacts to patient

Reduced impacts to patient

Less time fumbling with passwords, more time with patient. Less chance of having to send a patient home and reschedule a crucial visit because of lockout issues

Increased Security

Increased Security

Eliminate the need to have printouts of user names and passwords. Makes consistent use of good password practices easier

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