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IXRS®3 IRT Platform

Available in multiple modalities, our market-leading solution for patient randomisation and trial supply management is the most configurable and customisable Interactive Response Technology available.

From Phase I through to IV, simple designs to complex adaptive trials, IXRS®3 will easily accommodate any permutation of study objectives, and with it comes a team of professional biostatisticians, language and integration experts who are at the ready 24/7.

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IXRS®3 - Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Platform Fact Sheet

IXRS®3 – Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Platform Fact Sheet

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IXRS® studies
IXRS®3 live studies
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IXRS®3 Functionality


  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • Data Integration
  • 24/7/365 In-house Technical Support


  • Screening / Rescreening / Failure
  • Randomisation / Enrollment
  • Scheduled / Unscheduled / Skipped Visits
  • Product Replacement
  • End of Product / Discontinuation / Completion
  • Codebreak / Safety Unblind
  • Data Change / Correct


  • Supply Release Management
  • Supply Ordering/ Automated/Manual
  • Shipment Acknowledge
  • Supply Edits/ Status/Location
  • Resupply Strategy Management
  • Expiry Management
  • Depot Management
  • ART / Account/Reconcile/Return/Destroy


  • Study Management/ Configuration settings/ Country settings
  • Enrolment Controls / Open/Close/ Caps/ Cohorts
  • User Management
  • Site Management

Our Favourite IXRS®3 Features



The site-facing functions are designed to automate steps that are prone to human error.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Site users have the freedom to make data corrections without the need to call a Help Desk for support or fear of deviating from trial compliance.

Simplified collection of user requirments

Simplified collection of user requirments

Easy-to-read visual tools instead of hundreds of pages of specifications and legalese.

“Controlled-Agile” development methodology

View and react to each stage of the software build along the way, eliminating delivery surprises.

Pre-built connectors

Pre-built connectors

We’ve already anticipated the type of third-party integrations that you’ll need – and keep adding more every day.


IXRS 3.0 is definitely a revolution, I would say the best of IXRS! Hard to find any negatives! The UI is very much user friendly and easy to understand. It’s also very fast and efficient allowing me to run project projection testing and web reports with ease.
Overall, the set-up of the system for our complex Phase 1b study has been very well-managed. From the onset, Almac CT team has been proactive, timely and transparent with their communications. They have identified potential impacts relating to decisions we have collectively made, and to me this demonstrates their expertise and understanding of the system and specifically our project needs.
We were able to successfully meet our target milestone of IXRS “Go Live” 1.5 months ahead of the revised target for FSA. In my opinion, this shows project management skills and teamwork at their best.

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