Prostate Dx


Prostate DX

Almac’s Prognostic Assay for Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer

This 70 gene assay can prospectively identify patients at high risk of disease recurrence and/or metastasis following radical treatment.

It is suitable for patients presenting with intermediate risk localised prostate cancer and should be used in conjunction with conventional risk factors or nomograms e.g. CAPRA-S/CAPRA to provide a more informed risk assessment, enabling more personalised treated strategies.

Importantly, it has been shown to perform independently from known prognostic factors (e.g. Gleason) and can be applied to either post-operative surgical resection or biopsy specimens.

To date, the assay has been validated in three in silico datasets and two independent clinical validation cohorts, demonstrating prognostic significance for the prediction of localised prostate cancers which develop biochemical and/or metastatic disease progression.

Almac is currently planning to further develop Prostate Dx to demonstrate additional clinical utility in predicting survival benefits from adjuvant therapy.

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