Our History

In 1968, our late founder and Chairman, Sir Allen McClay, pursued his vision of one company making a substantial contribution to healthcare across the globe and began the journey of Almac. Today, Allen’s vision and legacy continues to live on through our valued employees. Our unique culture, passionate people and constant drive for innovative solutions is at the heart of what we do and makes Almac a very special organization.


Galen Ltd founded by Allen McClay

Galen Ltd was founded by Allen McClay who was inspired by the Greco-Roman doctor and father of modern medicine Claudius Galenus and his philosophy of experience through zealous research.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing commences in Craigavon, UK


Clinical Trial Supply operations commence in Craigavon



  • API Manufacturing and Chemical Development services established in Craigavon, UK
  • Expansion to the US with Clinical Trial Supply operations commences in Audubon, PA, USA


Galen Ltd floated on the stock market to become Galen Holdings Plc – Northern Ireland’s first £ billion company


Purchase of ICTI later to become Almac Clinical Technologies



  • Clinical Trial Supply business acquired from Duke University in Durham, NC, USA
  • Galen acquires Warner Chilcott – restructure of organization to Galen Pharma and Galen Services


Allen McClay OBE, CBE announces his retirement from Galen Holdings


Almac Group founded

The Almac Group was founded by Allen McClay OBE, CBE and Galen Holdings PLC announced that it had agreed to sell its API Manufacturing and Chemical Development, Clinical Trial Supply and Clinical Technologies businesses to Almac


Almac Group opens its Global Headquarters in Craigavon, UK

  • Almac Group opens its Global Headquarters in Craigavon, UK
  • Almac Group acquires its Biomarker Discovery & Development business
  • Almac Group announces the acquisition of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing operations from Galen Holdings Plc


Acquisitions and purchases

  • Almac Group acquires Peptide & Protein research facility in Elvingston, Scotland, UK
  • Allen McClay OBE, CBE announces the purchase of Galen Ltd, the UK based Ethical Pharmaceutical Products Sales and Marketing business


Almac Group opens dedicated facilities for GMP formulation development and biomarker discovery & development services


Allen McClay OBE, CBE, becomes Sir Allen McClay when Prince Charles knights him at Buckingham Palace


Investments and Discovery

  • Almac Group invests $120M in its new North American Headquarters (NAHQ)
  • Almac Discovery, an independent company focused exclusively on the discovery and development of novel and innovative approaches to the treatment of cancer is established


On 12 January, just months before the NAHQ is completed, Sir Allen McClay passes away – However, his vision lives on through his work and the commitment of the Almac Group


Almac Group opens its new North American Headquarter facility in Souderton, PA, USA


New Facilities

  • Almac Group opens its dedicated facility for Non-GMP formulation development.
  • Almac Group opens its Commercial Packaging facility in Audubon, PA, USA


Almac Group opens its new Asia Pacific Headquarter facility in Singapore



  • Almac Group acquires Arran Chemical Company in Athlone, Ireland
  • Almac Group confirms a £16 million investment to expand its Formulation and Analytical Development services to meet ongoing client demand in Loughborough, England


Almac Group opens its new companion diagnostic development facility located in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, USA


Acquisition and expansion

  • Almac Group acquires BioClin Laboratories in Athlone, Ireland
  • Almac Group establishes European Campus in Dundalk, Ireland


  • Almac Group expands with opening of £20 million Cold Chain Facility at its Global HQ in Craigavon, UK
  • Almac Group turnover surpasses £500 million for first time
  • Almac Group celebrate 50 years



  • Almac Group announces additional expansion of its Global Analytical Services Capability, investing significantly in additional laboratory space at its facility in Athlone, Ireland
  • Almac Group opens MED-Lab exhibition in W5, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Construction of Almac Group’s EU Campus in Dundalk, Ireland is complete