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Sample Management Service

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Sample Management Service


Sample Management Service

Almac Diagnostic Services offer a range of support services to help streamline biomarker programmes for our clients. One such area is our Sample Management Service which includes sample storage, pathology review and downstream processing.

When using samples for research purposes, it is important to have clear visibility of your sample inventory and know that the stored information is reliable and up to date. Almac’s Sample Management service provides the reassurance that your precious samples are being stored safely and are readily accessible whenever requested for further downstream analysis.

Whether you are benefitting from Almac’s downstream sample processing services such as DNA/RNA extraction, DNA panel / RNA panel / Liquid Biopsy panel Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), or indeed if you require the analysis to be performed externally at another vendor, our Sample Management Service can also coordinate these activities on your behalf.

Sample Management Service – Workflow

Sample Management Service Logistics Management Sample Accessioning Sample Preparation LIMS Reporting Downstream Analysis Storage and Logistics

Workflow Stages – Additional Information

Sample receipt and accessioning


Almac receive and accession a range of biological material including:

  • Fresh Frozen Tissue.
  • FFPE tissue.
  • Whole Blood / Bone Marrow Aspirates.
  • Range of Derivatives.

Almac’s dedicated Sample Management Team ensure that there is full sample traceability from the moment the samples are dispatched to our sites, ensuring that there are no breaks in the chain of custody.

Importantly, primary QC checks are performed to ensure that the package has not been damaged, and the integrity of the sample(s) contained have not been compromised.

Your Almac assigned dedicated Point of Contact (POC), as an operations data specialist, will work closely with you to ensure that all required information is accessioned accurately, and maintain your LIMS inventory information. All sample information is entered into Almac’s LIMS secure accessioning system and independently checked to ensure data integrity. Our POC will work with you to resolve any discrepancies in a timely manner.

All samples are given a unique Almac LIMS barcode. This identifier ensures full traceability and transparency of processing and storage conditions throughout the lifecycle of the sample within Almac’s facility.

Sample Preparation and QC

Sample Preparation and QC - Sample Management Service

Almac Diagnostic Services has over 15 years’ experience in preparing samples for molecular analysis from a range of sample types.

Whether it is the preparation of FFPE tissue slides for pathology review or extraction of ctDNA from isolated plasma, Almac ensure this work is performed by a highly experienced team following procedures outlined in our dedicated SOPs.

Our service also includes digital scanning of H&E slides on the state of the art Leica Aperio AT2 Digital scanner. Almac’s team of Consultant Pathologists are able to remotely conduct digital pathology review on H&E samples, generating high quality, annotated digital images for clients.

Digital pathology is increasingly being used by global Biopharma companies, alongside Diagnostic service providers, as a means to efficiently store, review and annotate valuable clinical samples for further downstream use.

Lab inventory management (LIMS) & Reporting

Almac’s LIMS ensures sample information is uploaded to a protected and audited environment.

Throughout the sample processing lifecycle, LIMS ensures full traceability, including storage locations, processing history, shipment/disposal status, thereby ensuring full chain of custody of the sample at all times.

Information generated throughout the sample lifecycle is also automatically uploaded into LIMS: Sample accessioning information, H&E pathology information, nucleic acid QC and processing history.

All of this information links directly to the unique Almac LIMS barcode which is assigned to the sample at the point of receipt.

Bespoke reports can be developed by our Data Management team to retrieve and format data contained in our LIMS system to meet your specified requirements, ensuring full visibility of your sample and overall inventory.


Almac offer a range of fully validated, HTA compliant, short term and long term storage solutions covering:

  • Ambient storage.
  • Cold storage (+4°C, -20°C, -80°C).
  • We have the storage capacity to suit your study needs, no matter what the size.

All of our storage units are linked to our LIMS system, providing a full and accurate inventory.

All samples are stored in Almac secure storage units and are temperature monitored 24/7 with a committed response team in the event of any temperature excursions.


Almac can manage all your logistical requirements in-house at one location, from the courier collection of the sample at the clinical site to confirmation of delivery at the end destination. This ensures Almac has full visibility on the shipment, ensuring time and temperature sensitive material reaches its destination safely. Almac’s experience allows us to predict, prevent and overcome logistical obstacles, ensuring rapid transit of your valuable clinical samples.

Downstream processing

Our DNA and RNA sequencing services are supported by our state-of-the-art laboratory technologies which are ideally suited to biomarker discovery, development and delivery for clinical trials.

We also have a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists, bioinformaticians, and biostatisticians with substantial knowledge and experience in state of the art genomic technologies and their use in a highly regulated clinical testing environment.

We recognise that each study is unique and has its own challenges. Our team will work with collaborators and clients throughout the project to provide a comprehensive tailored service – from initial study design and planning, all the way through to the interpretation of results, and will integrate seamlessly as part of your extended team.

We offer complete transparency throughout every study, with all methodology, programs and analytical methods clearly explained and available for review. We pride ourselves on quality and we work under strict standard operating procedures (SOPs). All analytical methods we use are extensively tested and verified generating the highest quality data for downstream analysis.

Sample Management Service – Benefits

The benefits of working with Almac for your sample management needs:

Almac unique LIMS barcode for all samples

  • Ensures sample traceability
  • Enables full oversight and Chain of Custody

Dedicated Almac POC (Point of Contact) for the duration of your study

  • Accessioning support and LIMS input accuracy
  • Independent checking and data integrity

Highly experienced in sample preparation

  • Vast experience in sample preparation across a range of samples

Bespoke data management reporting

  • Bespoke reporting solution ensuring full visibility of your sample inventory

A range of Almac storage solutions

  • Both ambient and cold storage options available
  • Storage capacity to suit your study needs, either small or large
  • Secure storage units with temperature controlled monitoring 24/7

Logistics from one central Almac location

  • Almac can manage all your logistical requirements in-house at one location

Seamless downstream sample sequencing

  • Almac can also provide seamless & cost-effective DNA and RNA sequencing services

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