Neoantigen derived vaccines have become a major new strategy within oncology as researchers look to harness the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

The treatment platform is completely individualised. A patient’s tumour is biopsied and genetically sequenced to identify the epitope mutations which are present within the patient’s cancer. These neoepitopes are completely unique to that patient and their tumour. The neoepitopes are then replicated within a series of peptides – typically 10-30.

Our NeoPeptide™ experts have been associated with the individualised cancer vaccine field for several years and our MHRA registered facility and systems have been established to enable fully GMP compliant manufacture and release of 20-30 GMP peptides within less than three weeks. A bespoke Pharmaceutical Quality System has been designed and implemented to enable high speed, fully compliant GMP manufacture.

Each peptide manufacture is unique; manufacture occurs once and the product is administered to only one patient.

Our established reputation in this field, coupled with our existing track record with positive regulatory reviews received from Europe and US authorities, means we have an unparalleled service to offer which can truly enhance the lives of cancer patients.

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