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Our global laboratories provide diagnostic solutions from Genomic Services to Clinical Trial Assays and Companion Diagnostics.

Our clients work with us because we offer complete flexibility for their biomarker strategies:

  • We support all CDx models from single site PMA to IVD kit
  • Offer a range of platform & chemistry options
  • Across multiple disease indications
  • From multiple sample types
  • Our Global Labs cover UK, Europe, USA & APAC

Almac Diagnostic Services has developed innovative solutions for data generation and analysis utilising Almac optimised workflows, proprietary bioinformatics pipelines & unique reporting tools.

Overall, we offer clients a quality experience with a very consultative and collaborative working approach, a shared passion for precision medicine & robust science.

Trust Almac Diagnostic Services as your strategic partner for drug and diagnostic development.

We will ensure that you are always a move ahead in the precision medicine field.

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