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Our custom peptide synthesis offering is built upon over 25 years trading and hundreds of years of combined experience.

We have manufactured over 12,000 peptides for our customers and have a reputation for expertise with very long peptides, folded proteins and peptide conjugates.

We’ll take on projects of any size and complexity, whether a single one-off peptide or a full research programme for lead selection. Our experts are always on hand, and you will find our collaborative approach unparalleled in the field.

  • Long peptides: We routinely synthesise peptides in excess of 100 amino acids in length. The longest we have synthesised by linear solid phase synthesis is 276 amino acids
  • Folded proteins: We have broad experience synthesising peptides and short proteins containing multiple disulfide bridges, ensuring that the molecule has the desired biological function. Chemokines, Defensins, Conotoxins and Complement Proteins are all examples of products that have been successfully produced
  • Peptide conjugates: We routinely perform conjugation of peptides to carrier proteins, PEG, small molecules, other peptides, sugars, chelating agents
  • Cyclised peptides: Cyclised peptides enable structural and conformational stability. Macrocyclisation, Lactam, “Staple” peptide through olefin metathesis, and directed disulfides are all methods by which we can enable cyclisation

Collaboration, technical expertise and strong project management

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