Biocatalysis Solutions Overview: selectAZyme™

Biocatalysis Solutions: Biocatalysts are essential tools in chemical synthesis, particularly in the synthesis of pharmaceutical and fine chemical targets. As highly selective catalysts, they offer a direct and simple way to synthesise complex achiral and chiral compounds. The application of biocatalysts in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries continues to grow as it moves from the domain of specialised technology to mainstream methodology. This movement has been facilitated by the increasing commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ availability of biocatalysts. Almac has heavily invested in this area to secure the supply of selectAZymeTM biocatalysts for clients' non-GMP and GMP manufacturing projects.

Our Biocatalysis Group

Consisting of computational, molecular and micro biologists, enzymologists, organic chemists and analysts, the group has demonstrated expertise in gene identification, expression, enzyme evolution, fermentation, enzyme production and biotransformation scale-up.  Expertise ranges from enzyme production to the synthesis of complex chiral APIs from mg-tonne scale.

Our team is closely linked to the process chemistry and manufacturing chemistry groups, where enzyme discovery and development is integrated with screening and route definition. Each member of the team brings expertise to complex processes procedures and can rapidly implement an enzymatic process to significantly improve the yield and timelines of a multi-step synthesis.


Biocatalysis Solutions Overview: SelectAZyme™

This exclusive technology platform consists of a number of recombinant enzyme panels that can be used in chemical processing across multiple functional group interchanges.

With this unique selectAZymeTM platform, we can offer you a range of enzymes suitable for carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions.  We have the expertise to guide your biosynthesis from conception to scale-up.

We can deliver the following:

  • FTE or FFS contracts
  • Screening of our biocatalyst toolbox with customer substrates – comprising of biocatalyst selection and route demonstration
  • Biocatalytic route invention and process development
  • Enzyme supply on a £ / Kg basis
  • Enzyme development and evolution
  • Tech transfer and ongoing support through all the manufacturing steps, including the training of personnel, if required
  • Supply of chiral intermediates
  • Microbial screening and molecular biology for the development of novel biocatalysts
  • Fermentation development and scale-up
  • Metabolite synthesis

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Tom Moody Almac GroupMeet our expert: Professor Tom Moody

Tom is currently VP Technology Development and Commercialisation for Almac and Arran Chemical Company and works in the area of chemistry & biocatalysis and their application towards the synthesis of chiral molecules, metabolites and labelled compounds. Tom is responsible for managing a multi-disciplinary team of both chemists and biologists to obtain commercially useful biocatalysts for their intended applications.

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