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Flexible Clinical Supply Solutions

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Flexible Clinical Supply Solutions

Almac Clinical Services understands that continuous changes in the clinical supply landscape require a quicker response and greater flexibility within clinical supply packaging and labelling.

Our Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time Labelling (JTL), and Almac Adapt™ Just in Time Manufacturing services can assist sponsor companies in achieving these goals.

Lean Manufacturing is ideal for smaller operations, which require shorter cycle times. Just in Time Labelling is a partial late stage customisation of clinical kits, performed at the time of distribution. Almac Adapt™, a Just in Time Manufacturing solution, enables full late stage customisation of your clinical supplies by postponing packaging and labelling until the site or patient need arises.

With Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time Labelling (JTL) and now Almac Adapt™, our just in time services provide an ability to think and work in nontraditional ways making Almac your ideal partner for patient centric studies. We have invested heavily in these areas and provide sponsor companies with a high level of service. If you require quicker response times and greater flexibility to address your clinical supply needs, please reach out to one of our experts today.

Improving flexibility for all of your packaging and labeling needs:

  • Over 100 rooms with in-built flexibility for labelling of clinical supplies
  • Large capacity expansion to manage biological product labelling
  • Flexible teams with proven experience in developing and working with thousands of protocols
  • Expertise in biologics and hard to handle clinical materials
  • Packaging Rooms for Biologics / temperature sensitive products now available
  • Cold chain management

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