Core Values & Vision

Outstanding Quality

Exceptional Innovation

Almac is dedicated to solving important and challenging problems. We do this by promoting an environment where extending the boundaries of knowledge, technology and creativity is encouraged.

Our specialist, in-house engineering and technological capabilities enable us to facilitate the rapid turnaround of bespoke systems and equipment designed to meet the individual requirements of each and every project.

We continually strive to identify, design and implement novel and exciting methods of delivering industry-leading solutions which ultimately accelerate the drug development process.

Superlative Customer Focus

Inspirational People

People are Almac’s core asset. Individually and collectively people are critical to the success of our vision. We recognize excellence and acknowledge that to empower our employees, we need to invest in their continuous development.

Our diverse and extensive employees now spans over 4,500 personnel worldwide.

At Almac we operate a multi-faceted reward and recognition strategy with the overall aim of fully acknowledging and appreciating employee contribution to processes and systems which have enabled Almac to become a world leader.

In addition to continuous employee training and development, we also endeavour to recruit the best talent globally. This is evidenced by the fact that we currently employ 30 different nationalities at our corporate headquarter site in Craigavon. It is also significant to note that we currently employ 5 professors throughout the Group whose expertise and knowledge is both exceptional and indispensable.

Financial Performance

Financial Performance

We will drive excellent, sustainable financial performance.

We are committed to growing our EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation) and cash generation within the Group.