Biological Products

Biological ProductsWe are your experts in packaging, labelling and distributing biologics.

As the proportion of biological and biosimilar investigational products in development increases, you can benefit from our expertise across your full global supply chain. We have managed clinical supplies for hundreds of biological products, with a good proportion reaching full commercialisation.

Our comprehensive secondary packaging offer includes:

  • 7 x 2-8oC Packaging Rooms for Biologics / temperature sensitive products now available:
    • 2 x Craigavon, UK
    • 3 x Pennsylvania, US
    • 2 x North Carolina, US
    • Additional rooms planned for Singapore and EU facility investment
    • Packaging available 24x7
  • Semi-automation available for vial / syringe / ampoule labelling
  • Fully automated auto-injector labelling

Complimentary eBook Download: 'Clinical Packaging for Biological Products'

eBook Highlights:

  • The Rise of Biologics
  • Market Pressures
  • The Challenges for Investigational Products
  • Key Considerations
  • Almac and Packaging of Biological Clinical Supplies

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