Enzyme Screening


Making Biocatalysts Available To You Through Our Platform Of Enzyme Panels

Our dedicated biocatalysis group provides an in- house enzyme screening facility using our selectAZymeTM panels and subsequent identification of a suitably active and selective enzyme for your transformation.  In addition, the group can build enzyme panels for your transformation, through gene selection, gene synthesis and cloning followed by expression and delivery of enzyme for screening.

Typical Screening Projects Involve:

  • High throughput screening development and implementation
  • Assay development
  • UPLC / HPLC method development and analysis
  • Selection of the desired enzymes for your transformation

Enzyme Panel Building

Using bioinformatics, gene identification, cloning and expression techniques Almac can build enzyme panels for you. Our expertise covers:

  • Gene identification and mutation selection
  • Cloning and expression
  • Enzyme fermentation and delivery of easy-to-use enzyme for chemical transformation

Microbial Collection

Almac has a large collection of microbes that are used in bioprocessing; from metabolite synthesis through to large scale processing.  Our expertise covers:

  • Strain maintenance and collection
  • Wild type screening, mutation and the identification of microbial hit systems
  • Microbial fermentation expertise
  • Microbial bioprocessing expertise

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