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What is clara?

claraT is a unique software-driven solution, classifying biologically relevant gene expression signatures into a comprehensive, easy-to-interpret report. 

The claraT * Report

claraclassifies multiple publicly available gene expression signatures and single gene targets linked to multiple key biologies, alongside Almac’s own proprietary assays, according to the 10 Hallmarks of Cancer.  

Clients are provided with a unique, interactive report that allows the easy visualisation of the key discriminating biologies within either a large cohort or an individual tumour sample.

Supplementary files are also included in the report and are hyperlinked within each profile for additional data functionality.

A pan-cancer solution, based on a powerful bioinformatics pipeline, automatically generating the claraT report from raw gene expression data utilising Almac RNA-Seq Solutions.

* Note: claraT is for research use only (RUO) and is not to be used for diagnostic or prognostic purposes, including predicting responsiveness to a particular therapy.

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"The obsession with DNA mutations alone is short sighted. Utilisation of RNA signatures is key to recognising stratified medicine."
Professor Tim Maughan CRUK / MRC

claraT benefits:

Maximises the understanding of your dataset

Provides readouts for the most relevant published gene expression signatures

Classifies using the Hallmarks of Cancer for easy interpretation

Interactive cohort and sample report

Multiple signatures from a single tumour sample

Cost effective solution, saving analysis time

claraT Report - Facts:

claraT Report - Facts
claraT Report - Facts

Hallmarks of Cancer

First conceptualised by Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg in 2000 and subsequently updated in 2011, the Hallmarks of Cancer have become a paradigm within modern cancer research.

The hallmarks help explain the complexity of cancer cells and describe the processes that occur allowing cancer cells to proliferate and grow if unchecked.

The claraT report utilises the Hallmarks of Cancer concept of targetable biologies to help facilitate biomarker discovery. claraT embodies the tenets set out by the authors, intelligently simplifying the complex biologies of cancer within key hallmarks.

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expression report video

Watch the video for an interactive walk through of the benefits and functionality of the claraT report.

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