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Label Generation, Printing and Checking

Almac’s Enhanced Label Approval Solution – From Protocol to Print

Almac understands that labelling is a critical element of the clinical supply chain and one that is mounting with the continued globalisation of clinical trials.

Almac’s Enhanced Label Approval Solution puts labels on the critical path establishing a standard for improved label regulatory and translation management by providing innovative solutions to manage sponsors clinical labelling needs from Protocol to Print.

By optimising all clinical label development processes with dedicated project management teams, supporting centralised technology (Almac’s Label Approval System – LAS) and approved phrase library capabilities, Almac delivers seamless processes for sponsors that minimises timelines and safeguards the patient.

Devising the most appropriate label design for your needs:

  • Capacity for printing millions of clinical labels on a monthly basis
  • Label generation, sizing and design innovation to suit all trial needs
  • Online Label Approval System (LAS) – a secure web access workflow management system brings together text generators, regulation reviewers, translators, proof generators and approvers in a standalone workspace
  • Aligns regulatory expertise with consultancy, consistency and experience to ensure sponsor’s clinical labels are regulatory compliant, country specific and right first time
  • Labels designed to maintain adhesion at 15°C to 25°C, 2°C to 8°C, -25°C to -15°C and -80°C to -60°C

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