Flow Chemistry capabilities


Almac has dedicated labs with a variety of equipment to deliver Flow Chemistry solutions for the benefit of our clients.

High Pressure

  • Custom built packed bed hydrogenation rig
  • Pilot Flow H2 rig capable of up to 300 °C/100 bar
  • Hcube® for screening
  • Rapid catalyst screening of pelletised Almac’s catalyst library in custom flow rig
  • FAST hydrogenation process development and direct route to scale up for multi kg’s

High Energy/Oxidations

  • Chemtrix Labtrix® – microreactor -20 to 195 °C
  • Protrix® – SiC reactor up to 20 bar pressure and 195 °C
  • Custom built Syrris Asia/PTFE tubing/multiple mixers for low kg delivery
  • Microbubble Technology
  • CSTR
  • Liquid-liquid separators


  • GMP medium pressure mercury flow cell for multi kg delivery
  • Vapourtec E series with LED reactor
  • UV-Photochemical, photoredox flow cell and LED’s

Movement to production scale is driven by the customer.

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