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FFPE Solutions

At Almac we have developed extensive experience and expertise working with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, the primary method of storing tissue within oncology.

It is currently estimated that millions of FFPE tissue samples exist in banks worldwide, which represents a significant source of ‘trapped’ or ‘locked’ information.

Until recent years it was generally accepted within the industry that tissues stored in this way were not suitable for genomic / transcriptomic profiling.

We have developed enabling technologies and worked with other manufacturers to develop reagents to make this profiling possible.

This has created the ability to carry out retrospective studies and discover biomarkers that are easily developed into clinical tests, with no change required for current clinical practice.

Almac Advantage

Internal Biomarker Discovery

Our internal biomarker discovery team are focused on the discovery of prognostic and predictive tests as well as tests for improved diagnosis of cancer and developing technical solutions to support this work.

Proprietary Technology

We have our own portfolio of proprietary discovery arrays Xcel™ for studies involving multiple and cross disease areas and Cancer DSA® for specific disease indications.


We have extensive experience and expertise working with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue. FFPE is the primary method of storing tissues within oncology and we utilise our proprietary technology to deliver outstanding results on FFPE data.

Discovery to Delivery

At Almac we have the capacity to work with you from early biomarker discovery right through to delivery of tests. Our CLIA registered lab enables us to use novel tests to stratify and enrich prospective clinical trails.

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