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Proprietary Discovery Arrays

At Almac we have developed a range of microarrays to provide the optimal platform for biomarker discovery and development across multiple disease areas as well as within specific disease areas. These arrays are high density transcriptome based microarrays based on the gold standard Affymetrix GeneChip® platform.

The two main product lines are Xcel™ array discovery platform for studies in multiple disease areas and Cancer DSA® arrays, for studies within specific disease areas.

All the arrays have been designed using a combination of large-scale in-house sequencing projects and carefully curated public databases. The arrays are optimised for use with both fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples which aids in the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers

Almac Advantage

Unique Content

Both the Xcel™ and Cancer DSA® contain unique content not found on any other microarray. The content has been derived from high quality proprietary sequence data in addition to mining public databases.

Work with Fresh Frozen and FFPE

Both Xcel™ and DSA® arrays have each been designed to enable profiling from both frozen and FFPE tissue, to allow application of microarray technology to current and retrospective tissue banks.

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