Clinical Supplies Forecasting, Web Drug Reconciliation, Drug Pooling

Advanced Drug Supply Support Services

As a global leader in clinical supply chain Management, Almac offers a variety of services that help clients more efficiently manage clinical supplies around the world.

Clinical Supplies Forecasting
Almac employs a variety of methodologies and tools for clinical supplies planning, from traditional statistical applications to more advanced electronic solutions. Depending upon your particular trial requirements, Almac’s team of statisticians and clinical supplies experts will consult with you to determine the most appropriate solution. By choosing Almac for your supply planning needs, you’ll be able to better manage production runs and packaging strategies, determine dispensing units and kit sizes, prevent drug shortages during trials, and reduce the costs of over-production.
SupplyTraQ is a secure, web-based drug reconciliation tool that automates accountability, reconciliation, and destruction tasks at the site and depot level, supporting consistent chain of custody tracking and reporting and making it easy for users to stay on top of the drug supply.  SupplyTraQ eliminates the need for paper, minimises human error, lowers the cost of supply management, and shortens the trial administration process. Rather than sorting through stacks of paper, SupplyTraQ users manage accountability, reconciliation, and drug returns and destruction electronically and more efficiently than traditional paper-based methods. SupplyTraQ significantly reduces the amount of time, money, and effort spent managing the drug supply management process and enables real-time identification of potential compliance or data quality issues.By giving you a remote view of product inventory throughout the supply chain, SupplyTraQ makes it easy to stay on top of the drug supply. The secure, automated tool is designed to help you:

  • Reconcile inventory records and catch discrepancies quickly
  • Track and report on chain of custody
  • Identify potential compliance or data quality issues in real time
  • Manage drug returns and destruction
 Drug Pooling
As a global leader in clinical supplies management and interactive voice and web response technologies, Almac has gained significant experience and expertise in drug pooling, i.e. the use of common inventory across clinical programs. Pooled or common inventory is held at the depot (typically unlabelled), site level (labelled) or a combination of the two within and across studies. Almac’s IXRS is the engine that makes pooling possible. IXRS manages the kit labels, assigns drug supplies to particular protocols and patients, and assures delivery of the product at sites. The benefits of drug pooling include reductions in drug ordering, wastage, distribution, returns, and associated administrative tasks. For sites, an effective drug pooling service guarantees that patients will receive their medication during their scheduled site visit.
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